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It used to be a fairly simple matter of putting up a company website and calling your online marketing complete. Not so anymore. Companies that want to succeed need to incorporate a variety of online strategies that may include an eCommerce store, microsites, keyword-specific landing pages, email marketing, search engine optimization, Google AdWords campaigns, interactive forms, social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), responsive design, blogs and regular content updates. Developing a marketing strategy is extremely complex in today’s environment. There are a lot of buzz words, new technologies and trendy trends. How can you know what will be most effective for your company?

The right marketing strategy can yield quantifiable growth

We help you navigate the complexities of online marketing, and we only suggest those technologies and techniques that make a positive impact on your company’s bottom–line. We can assist in defining and implementing strong keywords that boost search engine optimization and increase your rankings in internet searches. We combine Google Analytics, the latest technologies and your business objectives to develop a marketing strategy that is uniquely tailored to meet and exceed your business goals

For Small and Larger Companies

For small companies, we often serve as their marketing arm─developing a marketing plan that helps them grow─and then execute the details for them. For larger companies, we work with existing marketing departments to create or refine a marketing plan, determine what is and what is not working, and implement only those strategies that help reach company objectives and increase bottom–line results.

Your best strategy? Trust Cada & Associates.

Navigating the complexities of today’s online environment is not only difficult, it is critical to your company’s success. We help you determine what you need (and what you don’t need), develop a strategy to get you there, and walk you through every step of the way.

You can trust Cada & Associates to develop a plan that does not simply push the latest buzz words and incorporate technologies you simply don’t need. We know how potential customers act and think online. We develop and help implement a plan for you that utilizes only those web–based technologies that can generate revenue by leading more customers to your site, encouraging them to linger once they get there, and purchase, call, or contact when they are ready. That means quantifiable results and higher profits for your company.

our clients say it best

“The Cada team has been essential in creating our overall BloomingPaws brand, online and in print. Our new website looks and works great on mobile and desktop computers. The website is also optimized to make sure we show up when pet parents are searching for services for their cats and dogs in Bloomington and surrounding areas. In addition to the online resources, Cada has been integral in the development of our new print marketing materials, including informational and promotional posters as well as handouts. They have been a true partner in our marketing efforts. They listen to our needs, possess excellent technical knowledge, respond to requests in timely manner and are very enjoyable to work with. I would highly recommend Cada & Associates for all your online and print marketing needs.”

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Michael Fitzgerald
BloomingPaws, LLC.

“My two companies have hired Cada & Associates, Inc. for lots of projects over the past few years ... we couldn't be happier with the results. While Amanda Cada and her staff are wonderfully creative people, the real difference is that Amanda is a great listener and advisor. She took the time to really understand our business model before making recommendations ... I highly recommend Cada & Associates. Amanda and her staff have been truly outstanding.”

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J. Tyler Thompson, CPA
Thompson Myers & Associates, PC and ProServe Payroll, Inc.

“Amanda and her team are great to work with. Their attention to detail is amazing and they are always coming up with cost-effective solutions to any project I have proposed to them.”

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Jennifer Siminski

“Amanda and her team were outstanding to work with. They made the daunting task of launching our website very manageable, and kept the project on schedule ... Amanda's team of professionals spent the necessary time to understand our business and philosophy in order to create a website that accurately reflects the company we are trying to build. We are extremely happy with the results, and look forward to continuing to work with Cada Associates to grow our business through the development of our website and online presence.”

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Paul Neukam
SiteWise Systems

“I don't like to think about where our company would be without the professionalism and expertise of Cada & Associates. The level of responsiveness, attention to detail, and innovation exhibited by these individuals is truly second-to-none. With a 10 minute phone call and a few emails of information, Cada & Associates designed, developed and delivered marketing materials to support our participation in a major industry trade show. We will definitely be retaining the services of Amanda's team in the future, and recommend her services for all your corporate branding and marketing needs.”

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Chris J. Kimball
Chris J. Kimball Consulting

“Cada and Associates has not only designed a very pleasing and functional website for us, but they have consistently been responsive to our changes and updates in a timely manner.”

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Sherry Evens
Evens Time, Inc.