Our Process

Whether it’s website design or application development, our process has one objective: to increase marketing presence and enhance your bottom-line profits. Every client is unique to us, and we really enjoy getting to know them and what they do so that we can provide the right guidance and solutions for their marketing strategies.


To be effective, your website or web application not only has to function well, it needs to be pleasing to the eye and intuitive to navigate. A good website design can take a small company and help them look bigger and feel more professional. A new website design can also take a company that has neglected updating its marketing materials, and catapult them to new heights of success with a fresh look in the marketplace.

Our process starts with getting to know each client’s business needs and potential challenges. We research competitors’ sites and educate ourselves on current trends in that specific industry. Only then do we start the design process, whether for online or print marketing, delivering initial concepts to the client for review.

During the design process, we decide on the top actions you want potential customers to take on your website – whether it is to fill out a contact form, make a phone call, or close a purchase. We use our knowledge of human interaction with websites and place graphics in appropriate places for the best outcome. Once the website design and content have been decided upon, we start the programming process.

Website and Web Application Development.

After the home page design is approved, we begin programming the website to match the approved design. Our onsite developers are highly trained in the latest technologies to ensure that your website functions easily and efficiently and accommodates all your specific requirements. If you need a unique application ─ for example, a specific sales calculator or business locator ─ we can build it to your specifications, right here on site.

All of our websites are tested in the most common browsers from the start of the process to ensure that the site works correctly in the vast majority of web users. Building websites that work across all browsers is key to creating the best experience for the highest percentage of website visitors. Website development takes time, patience and expertise to ensure that your site functions correctly in all standard web browsers and operating systems.

Responsive Design and Development.

All websites we design and develop are built to be responsive, making sure your content remains consistent across all devices. You maintain only one site, and we make sure that the appropriate output is delivered for each device. This maximizes your SEO efforts, saves you money, and gives your customers a more pleasant site experience. And all of that adds up to increased usage and higher profits for you.

Code Management.

Throughout the entire development process, whether it’s an application or a website, we manage your code carefully. We keep your code organized, clean, and secure. We offer code redundancy through version control, which saves you time and money and eliminates the concern of multiple developers stepping on each other’s toes. It’s one of first steps when starting with your website or application to make sure we keep track of every step of the production pipeline.

Brand Development and Collateral Materials.

Consistency in brand development, management and usage is key to an optimized messaging effort. Online marketing has catapulted in importance over the past decade, but your print materials still carry significant weight. At Cada + Associates, we help develop your brand messaging and make sure it is used consistently throughout all venues ─ brochures, flyers, postcards, booklets, conference materials, and a wide range of other print materials ─ to give your company a unified, professional look.


We offer complete copywriting services for every project we undertake. The content of your website is increasingly crucial, as search engine optimization depends, in large part, on the copy placed on the page. In addition, your print collateral should echo the brand development and messaging of your website. Our copywriters interview clients, gather information, study the industry, and write crisp, clean, interesting copy that is optimized for the search engines and then carry over that brand development into every collateral piece.

A Single Resource Person.

For each project, Cada + Associates names a project manager, which means you have one person handling the project from beginning to end. From design through implementation, you have a single contact person—your project lead—who is knowledgeable, accessible and responsive to your needs.