Meet Casey Patrick

Content Strategist 

Casey helps companies of all sizes and industries to communicate their messages more effectively. With a flair for capturing each client’s particular voice and a commitment to strategic thinking, Casey finds creative ways to express ideas and reach target audiences through copywriting with brand storytelling and content marketing.  

“I believe that every business has a human story to tell.”

My first writing job was as a reporter for a small newspaper. I wrote features about people — a philosophical fruit stand guy, the high school mascot, the matriarch of a multigenerational farm family.

I loved inviting people to tell me about their lives. We don’t often have that experience, to sit down with a stranger and just talk about ourselves. Most importantly, I loved being able to give a person’s story recognition.

I then moved into magazine journalism, leading editorial teams and learning how to develop content that appeals to niche audiences. This combination of storytelling and targeting audiences with content led me to marketing. I started at an agency and then launched Punch Content in 2014. For over five years, I worked as a marketing consultant leading strategy and execution for a range of clients. Most recently, I worked full-time for a tech consultancy doing content and digital marketing alongside other consultants.

During my years in marketing, I have noticed a pervasive problem. Superlatives, 10-dollar words, and overuse of the word “unique” run rampant. Businesses talk about themselves relative to the competition, as opposed to just telling their stories. Real, daring, human stories are rare.

This is what led me to relaunch Punch Content in 2021 with a focus on brand storytelling and content marketing. Just as I believe every person has an interesting story to tell, I also believe that every business has a human story to tell that can connect to other humans who are making buying decisions.

And this, my dears, is how the Story Standards Guide came to be. In fact, the mission of Punch Content is to make it possible for every brand to access and use purposeful storytelling.