UI and UX Design

User Interface and User Experience Design

We hear these terms mentioned often these days but… what is the difference between user interface design and user experience design? How do they work together? And why is it important to your website?

User Interface Design

User interface (UI) refers to that part of the website that the user sees when he/she looks at the screen. It includes the tools and methodologies that are used by the site visitor to interact with the website. The UI encompasses the overall site design, colors, fonts and visual continuity.

Cada + Associates can come into a project at the beginning of the application development process and give our input on the design and usability, or we can redesign an existing application, featuring a user interface design that increases functionality and usability.

User Experience Design

User experience design (UX design) refers to how the user feels and what he/she is experiencing as the site is explored. UX refers to the user’s reactions and feelings to the website, its products and services.

It all has to work together. When the user interface makes the site easy to navigate, and the user experience is seamless and positive, the result is a smooth-functioning website or online application that draws visitors in and encourages them to linger.

Why are User Interface and User Experience Design so important?

If the user cannot easily navigate your website and if the experience is frustrating, then the user simply leaves and you’ve lost the sale. We’re not only experts in UI and UX design and implementation, we can track, through Google Analytics, the flow of the user experience and initiate remediation where needed. For example, we can track how a visitor finds your website, what they did when they got there, where they experienced problems, how forms were submitted, and what the conversion rate is. Then, we can make recommendations to tweak the site accordingly to decrease the bounce rate and increase conversions.