Video Production

Why should you partner with Cada + Associates for your next video production project?

Effective video production programs compliment all of your communication efforts. For your customers and potential customers, video can demonstrate products and services and how your company performs. We can record your customers giving testimonials and singing your praises. We have many years of experience in television photojournalism and we approach your project as if telling a story and telling it with pictures and making your story visually interesting.


Video is a powerful tool for training employees, showing customers how to use your products and for sharing advice related to your product or service. Insuring the consistency of training content is a strong element of using video in lieu of live training or in addition to live instruction with the added benefit of the availability online 24/7. For in-house training of employees there are security measures that limit access to only those with a code. Using video to introduce and showcase your company can help you recruit new employees and attract top candidates for your company.

Sales + Marketing

Video has been used for years as a way to introduce potential clients to company products and services. In the past this required taking a video player to the client. With the internet and digital video your company video can be viewed anywhere at anytime. Does your company participate with trade shows? A company video can attract potential clients to your booth. We will capture all of the features, advantages and benefits of your company and do it with creative scripts, photography and editing.


Non-for-profit videos include explaining and profiling the mission of the organization and testimonials from the people the organization helps. These videos are used at fundraising events, on their website and used with live presentations. We work very hard to capture the emotional element of these organizations and how they help the people they serve, this is proof of performance that can help generate more donations.

Public Relations

Is your company expanding or merging? Do you have groundbreaking news to announce? Our experience in television journalism taught us that many news releases are sent out, but few are covered. We have great solutions to get the good news out about your company. Invite the news media, but also let us cover your event and create a video. We can help you send out this video via the web, email, etc. and actually get your great news out to your target market.