Google Analytics

Why should you choose Cada + Associates to help with your Google Analytics data?

Google analytics is an integral part of every website we develop.

Knowledge is power. And Google Analytics gives you knowledge. When Cada + Associates starts to work on a website redesign, the first thing we do is place Google Analytics on your current website so we can start tracking website traffic and visitor data. For some websites where more specific information is needed, we offer fee-based analytic tools as well.

Tracking your website traffic tells us what browsers most of your visitors are using, what your current bounce rate is, how many visits you get each day and week, what sections of your website are visited most often, and a host of other informative data that is invaluable in your website redesign and ongoing management.

Analyze. Recommend. Improve.

Once we launch your new site, we can compare your previous website analytics with the new ones—how much has traffic improved, how many people are visiting daily, and how long are they staying on the site. We can send you detailed visual reports daily, weekly and/or monthly, along with our analysis and suggestions for improvement.

Website analytics are more than fancy numbers. They represent critical data that can translate into higher traffic for your website and increased sales and profits for your company.